Amy Byer Shainman, also known as the BRCA Responder, is a passionate patient advocate for those with BRCA and other hereditary cancer syndromes. While Angelina Jolie inherited her BRCA1 gene mutation from her mother, Amy inherited her BRCA1 gene mutation from her father. In 2010, Amy had two prophylactic surgeries to reduce her cancer risk drastically; a nipple sparing, skin-sparing mastectomy with reconstruction and oophorectomy with a hysterectomy.

Amy has appeared in numerous news articles and television segments sharing her story while stressing how important certified genetic counseling is in the genetic testing equation. She has appeared in Cure Magazine and written articles for The American Journal of Managed Care and Oncology Nursing News. Her work is also featured in the books: The Pink Moon Lovelies: Empowering Stories of Survival and Letters To Doctors.

She is the Executive Producer of the award winning BRCA documentary Pink & Blue: Colors of Hereditary Cancer, the creator of Hereditary Cancer News, the Co-Creator of #GenCSM - Genetic Cancer Social Media, and an administrator of BRCA Sisterhood (the largest worldwide BRCA support group for women 9000+ members).

Her BRCA memoir, "Resurrection Lily - the BRCA gene, hereditary cancer, & lifesaving whispers from the grandmother I never knew…”, is now available at these online retailers.

“I have an opportunity to share what I have learned about BRCA and hereditary cancer syndromes…and I feel compelled to educate, inform, and empower others on a daily basis. I feel like a connector of the dots getting people the correct information. Ultimately, it’s about saving lives.”
- Amy Byer Shainman

She hopes research allows future generations to have less invasive cancer risk-reducing options available to them.

Amy met her husband Jon briefly for one hour when she was only sixteen years old…then ten years later they were reintroduced at a wedding. Six months later they met up in Las Vegas and it was “love at third sight”. Amy and Jon have lived South Florida for twenty years and have a teenage daughter and teenage son.